Tis The Season.

Gift wrapping is in the full effect today ! As I have mentioned in a previous post Michaels or Joann's and Marshalls are my go to stores when it comes to gift wrapping. As you can see they have the most creative little details to add on your gifts. Decorative ribbon && wrapping paper is from Marshall's, name tags from Michael's! If you have one of these stores near you I highly recommend rushing out there before they run out of all the Holiday decor ! If you have been searching for creative ways to decorate and do not mind DIY your search is over, trust me. 

Before my fingers fall off from wrapping I have decided to snap a few photos of my DIY !

  • I always tend to either wrap everything in gold, black and white OR gold, red and white. You can never go wrong with those options as they both look very trendy.
  • DYI bows vs. bought at a store. There is something about buying decorative ribbons yourself and creating something magical. Yes, of course going to a store and purchasing a bag of bows you can just stick on the gift is easy….but it is holidays and you want to put in some time in preparing the gifts for your special people ! 
  • Almost same goes to "name cards", Michael's offers a big variety of name tags that come in all sizes and shapes ! This year I went with heart shaped tags where I got creative writing everyone's names. 

Happy Holidays !

-xo, Sky Naite 

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