Laced for NYE

I hope all of you had a great weekend, finished all the Christmas shopping because Holidays are just behind the corner. I always tend to focus so much on Christmas, I forget that New Year's Eve is just right after !
As promised last week, I am sharing another look of a little black lace dress that is just to die for. I love everything about this dress as it is a multiway - you get to tie it around any way you want ( you can even turn it into a skirt ). I did a post on this same dress but in white a few weeks back and wanted to do this quick post on this one as it would be better for a celebration such as New Year's Eve. If you still are on a look out for that perfect dress, this is it ! Even though it is being shipped from Australia it comes within 5 days, so you have plenty of time.


Lace dress: Lioness Fashion, buy on here
Heels: Chinese Laundry, buy on here

The dress does come with booty shorts to wear under, which I used for the same dress in white. For this one I wanted to switch it up and wear a black skirt to make it more covered up. As you can tell options with this beautiful lace dress are endless ! 

Photography by Ben Lioe

-xo , Sky Naite

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