Insta Sky. November

Hello everyone ! Now that Halloween has passed time has been flying by ! I just came back from a mall and they already have Santa all set up as well as Christmas songs playing over and over, it definitely makes you think that end of 2015 is approaching quickly. If you had any goals set up for this year, remember, you still have a month left ! :)
In the meantime here is my Life Via Camera Roll - November. Soon i will be sharing quite a few posts from a trip to Seychelles &&& Abu Dhabi , as well as the engagement story ! xo

Disneyland '15.
…Because trip to Disneyland is not successful unless you have their pretzels :p 
I'll go either way. 
Juice Crafters. Breakfast done the right way.
These pretties lit up the entire home. 
His & Hers.
Ohh Mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. My happily ever after. 
Winter details. Fur && tassels.

-xo, Sky Naite 

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