Happpppyyy Fridayyyy …You can probably tell I am beyond excited for this weekend ! I have planned out the entire weekend which consists of nothing but fun festive holiday things. Baking Christmas cookies, wrapping up gifts and doing some last minute shopping. I am usually on top of it but this year i have been lacking and have been doing main Holiday shopping this week.
Anyhow, before I go on and on about my excitement about Christmas let's get back to this cozy outfit ! There is just something so simple and easy about pairing up skirts && oversized cardigans. It is definitely my go to outfit for the winter/fall, which i will be sharing more of through out this time of the year.


Cardigan: Lioness Fashion, buy on here
Wool hat: Sole Society, buy on here
Handbag: Sole Society, buy on here

As i have mentioned holidays are just behind the corner,  make sure to get all your christmas shopping done as all the stores are going to be out of control this week ! I will be sharing quite a few posts over the next week of gift wrapping and other fun Holiday posts via Instagram, make sure to follow me @skynaite. p.s. my favorite go to stores for gift wrapping are Joann's fabrics && Home Goods, if you have them in your area I highly recommend stopping by to take a look at what they have. Stay warm & have a great weekend !

Photography by Ben Lioe 

-xo, Sky Naite

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