Insta Sky. October

First off i would like to apologize for a lack of posts, but life around here has been a little crazy this month ! With many friends visiting every week from out of town everything just had to be put on hold. However that meant more random snaps from daily life to share with all of you !
These photos are also up on my Instagram throughout the month. Also, make sure to follow me on as many details on the posts are linked for you to buy budget friendly items ! Soooo… this is what October consisted of …

I do-nut care :p . I have been having quite a few cheat days this month hehe

Path of palm tress. 90210
First things first. Alfre's coffee shop in Brentwood.
Eunina jeans. Felony phone case. Peach Box accessories.

Sweet tooth has been in full effect lately.
Cheers to the weekend. 
When at sea food restaurant i always play it safe by getting bunny food aka salad. :p
black on black. 
-xo, Sky Naite

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