Insta Sky. August

Happy Monday ! I have been enjoying taking more random photos so that i could share them on these "Insta Sky " monthly posts which i really do enjoy doing. I hope all of you look forward to seeing them as well, it is definitely different from all the other posts i do and i believe these help you to get to know me a little better by seeing more of what daily life consists of over here !
I also want to apologize ahead of time, but September might be lacking a post or two, since i am going to friend's wedding in Lake Tahoe. I have been doing some research on it and nature out there looks absolutely beautiful, it will definitely be a nice change for a few days from Los Angeles. I will try to make sure and snap some photos there to do a post on places to see or eat at, so stay updated. Also, make sure to follow my IG @skynaite to see photos from daily life ! I usually post 4-5 times a week there, versus here where on the blog i only do two posts a week. 

So here it goes.. Life via camera roll in August..

I have never been a big water drinker. so i am constantly looking for other healthy options that will be a good substitute. Lately, i have been stocking up on these yummy coconuts for hot summer days of LA.

There might have been one or maybe quite a few cheat days over here :p. Not going to lie, we do take them pretty seriously and usually get a box of donuts and cookies. I mean since you cannot have a cheat day every day, you gotta make sure that day when you do have it, you make it all worth it ! I will also be doing a post later on this month on this beautiful lace maxi dress which i have been obsessing over ! Make sure to check back and get details on it.
Pool side is the best side ! This Victoria's Secret bikini has been on repeat all summer, it definitely is one of my favorites from their last year's collection. Ladies, make sure you sign up for VS deals on their website, they have been having some amazing sales lately that are worth taking advantage of even if you already have a closet full of bikinis.
Since peonies' are no longer in season, i have been looking around for my new favorite flowers and i have been loving these off white with a purple twist roses ! They definitely add a very romantic feel to home, which i absolutely love.
Mojitos are definitely my go-to drinks in the summer, hehe not only they are refreshing but the fruit in it does not make me feel as guilty about drinking it. I mean it is somewhat healthy as long as there is fruit in there right ? haha.
Date nights always call for lace && layers of jewels. I have been getting a lot of compliments on this romper, and i will be doing a post on it very soon to share the details with you !
-xo, Sky Naite 

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