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It is that time of the month again ! Insta Sky monthly post. I not only love sharing these random snapshots taken through out the month with all of you, but i love looking back and seeing photos myself and having memories. As you can tell most of these posts are taken with the iPhone when i am on the go, for that reason the quality is not as good as the professional camera. Sooo…here it goes another month via camera roll - July.

Beachy Cream has been in my bookmarks on Yelp for such a long time  that during the hot day couple weeks ago i figured it was a great time to finally check it out ! It is located on Wilshire blvd on the west side of LA and ohhh my it is absolutely delicious. They have all kinds of different ice cream cones to chose from, i mean pretzel cone with ice cream ?! Does it get any better. They have a lot of seating available and serve hot dogs etc. If you are looking for a cute   ice cream shop check it out ! It is great after spending a day at the Santa Monica beach ( it is right next to it ) or if you are just driving by. 

It is no secret when my boyfriend is away i stock up on sweets :p 
I purchased these cute sandals with gold metal plates at Zara, they are now on sale for $20 ! They have plenty of sizes available on their website, this is a steal deal ladies ! They are perfect for summer.
I drive by this beautiful little street every day on the way to work and i finally had to make a stop and snap some pictures of it ! There is just something about that area in Beverly Hills that is simply beautiful.
Ohh Marshall's … i have a love/hate relationship with that store. Every time i walk in to find one thing i walk out with my hands full of bags ! But when every item is a steal deal it is hard to pass by. This mug set was sooo adorable, they had "his" & "hers" , it sure does not get any cuter than this. If you have Marshall's or Home Goods in your area, check it out, they have plenty of cute fun stuff.
This is what my evening lately have been dedicated to :) . I am not sure why not many people know about this "GREY" book, everyone seems to have red "50 Shades Of Grey" , but almost nobody has red this one ! I personally like it almost more than the other three because this is all about his side of story. Highly recommend getting it, if you have red the others.
I am sure all of you have seen this amazing round aztec print towel all over Instagram and are probably thinking it's expensive since Beach People seems to be the only store that sells it. Well let me tell you that Privillege Clothing sells it as well ! &&& it is absolutely amazing. It is not only perfect as a towel, but it's a great blanket as well if you are just having a cute little picnic. You can purchase it on here
…because you can never pass on a good pair of ripped denim jeans .. 
-xo, Sky Naite

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