Hello July

Happy friday everyone ! I hope those who have had a busy week are super excited it is Friday and weekend is just behind the corner. Today i wanted to share some details on this amazing bag that is definitely a must have for this summer.
Not only do you get to design it yourself (which i enjoyed more than anything) but it comes in two different sizes to choose from as well. You can chose the colors you want of the outside of the purse, zipper and even the inside of the bag. It sure does not get any better than that. At first i was going for an all black look when choosing the colors, but last minute i decided to step out of the comfort zone and go with a green, and i could have not been happier. I was worried it would not match with anything i have, but it actually adds that extra detail to the outfit so i absolutely love it !
                                         Visit their website on here and design your own.


Handbag - Essexla, buy here
Shorts - Hollister
Ring - Single Thread Boutique, buy here

Lately i have been carrying my camera around almost everywhere so that i could share my photos, not just of outfits but also of daily lifestyle and my favorite places to eat at etc. So excuse my photography skills ! Now it is time to packkk and get on the road to Palm Springs for a weekend, make sure to follow me on Instagram @skynaite to see snap shots taken while there. Full blog post on weekend's getaway and photos from the trip will be up next week. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-xo, Sky Naite
Location - Alfred Coffee Shop,Westwood CA

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