I cannot believe it is May already, this year is flying by too quickly ! I wanted to share some photos i took over the weekend. Saturday consisted of delicious breakfast and Botttega Louie and a flowers market, which Downtown LA is mostly known for when it comes to districts.
It is open to public 6am-2pm, but i highly recommend going at 6am-7am. I showed up at 7 and half of isles were empty, even though there is thousands of whole sellers, right before they open up for public, stores and such. come at 4am and let me tell you....they sure buy out half of the flowers market !

Believe it or not, each bouquet at flower market is less than 10$
Macaroons are my all time favorite !! Bottega Louie has a huge variety, also Trader Joe's sells them as ice cream !! ahh so delicious

Breakfast at Bottega Louie w Mommy
You can never have too many macaroons :p

Calories during the weekend do not count

Variety of macaroons to chose from

Flower Market

Too much beauty to observe !

Unlimited options
I hope every one of you had an amazing weekend ! 
-xo, Sky Naite

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