…We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone…

Random stop in Tulum

Those of you that have regularly stopped by to see what is new on my blog have noticed i have been MIA && now you know why. When you are surrounded by such an amazing beauty of nature as Tulum, you tend to lose yourself and forget social network even exists. It becomes all about soaking in the culture, food and its beauty. 


Tulum is located an hour away from Playa Del Carmen, two hours from Cancun. If you are planning a little getaway to Mexico, i highly recommend cutting your trip short in the previous cities i mentioned and book a hotel in Tulum. It stands out from other towns by it's simplicity,it is very small with a few beautiful boutique hotels and stores. There is only one main street where everything is located, renting a bicycle and riding around the town is highly recommended ! 

MUST SEE: Coqui Coqui boutique hotel, Ziggy Beach and El Paraiso beach located 5 minutes outside of Tulum.

STAY: Every hotel i saw is beautiful in a different way. I stayed at Ana Y Jose, but you cannot go wrong with anything you chose. 

EAT: Ziggy Beach, Mateo's Mexican Grill.

Beach Side

Beautiful colors of Mexico 
Local Boutique
Coqui Coqui Hotel 
Coqui Coqui Hotel
Local Boutique 
2 year anniversary <3
Wandering around Tulum
F21 Hat, Victoria's secret bag 
…Tulum Sunsets…
Salty Hair. Sandy Feet.
Zulum Lounge
All the photos above are from my professional camera. If you want to see random snapshots from the trip, follow me on Instagram @skynaite . I will also doing another post on my blog , INSTA-TULUM where you will be able to see more photos from my trip.

-xo, Sky Naite

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