Looking to surprise your loved one ? Soaring is a great gift to give to someone, especially if they love adrenaline. You can only have as many anniversaries and birthdays before you start running out of ideas for gifts.
I am definitely the kind of a person that would chose adventures and memories over the materialistic gifts. And even if it is someone else's birthday, i look for a fun-adventurous gift. This time i was inspired by a scene in 50 Shades Of Grey movie, where Mr.Grey went soaring. It was the first time i have ever seen that kind of a plane which of course right away planted an idea in my head, especially when my boyfriend's birthday was just around the corner! After a long research, i found a place that is called Soaring Academy in SOCAL.


Soaring Academy is quite a drive from Los Angeles, i would say a little bit over an hour of scenic drive through the beautiful mountains of the desert. 


Go Pro is a must, because no camera out there can get a better view and a video. 


I suggest paying a little bit extra and booking aerobatic ride, it is only $40 or so more than a regular ride. It just makes it that much more exciting and memorable, i mean it is not something you will do over and over, so why not make sure that one time really counts !
Do not eat before, especially if you are booking aerobatic ride.
Make sure the weather is good the day of.

-xo,Sky Naite

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