When in doubt, grab your travel bag and run away. 

I have mentioned this before, but i will mention it before that choosing the right traveling partner is one of the most important parts of your life. I have been blessed with the fact that my boyfriend loves traveling and exploring. I believe that the key to a happy relationship and life is not necessarily going on long trips once in a while, but it is all about doing spontaneous short trips, even if it is just an hour away. It is not only good for relationship, but for your soul and mind as well. This month's getaway was to the beautiful town La Jolla, located by San Diego. It is about 30minutes away from SD, and a two hour drive from Los Angeles. 
La Jolla via camera roll

Burger Stop
When we think of going on a vacation we right away think of booking a flight. But sometimes best getaways are those that involve spending hours talking about life, making random road stops and just going with the flow.
Sometimes we got to let go of our schedule and just enjoy life. If there is traffic, take an exit, go on YELP and find a hidden gem in the town you have stopped in !

La Jolla 
Torrey Pines Gliderport
If you love outdoor activities and adrenaline Torrey Pines Gliderport is a great spot you. It offers paragliding and hang liding. I do not recommend booking it ahead or just stopping there, look into weather conditions before coming there-make sure it is a windy day out. We ended up waiting two hours for the wind to pick up so that my boyfriend could go hang liding. As much as i wanted to go too, after seeing people go off the cliff and leave their lives up to the wind i stayed safely on the ground and watched everyone do their thing. 

La Jolla
Hospitals Reef 
La Jolla Cove
Hospitals Reef 
Estancia, located about 5 minutes away from Downtown of La Jolla is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels i have ever been to. It has been on my list of 'must stay at' for a while now, and i have finally made my way to stay there. It stands out from other hotels by a great service, gardens surrounding the hotel and a wine bottle as a welcoming gift from the staff. Does it get any better than that? It is also known for the spa, but i did not have enough time to experience it. If you are planning on going to La Jolla, make sure to check out this hotel, i promise you will love it so much you will end up canceling any dinner plans you had outside the hotel and will stay on the grounds of Estancia and dine in one of their restaurants by their beautiful gardens.

Estancia | Pool Area
Estancia | Pool Area 
Estancia | Pool Area 

Estancia | View from breakfast

Estancia | Pool Area

E A T :          George's at the Cove, We Olive & Wine Bar
S T A Y :       Estancia, La Jolla
S E E :           Hospitals reef, La Jolla Cove
T I P :            La Jolla is perfect for a one night stay, 2 full days is more than enough

-xo, Sky Naite

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