Malibu Rocky Oaks

As sad as i am the weekend is almost over, i am more than ready for another week! It has been raining all weekend here in SOCAL, and i am looking forward to sunny days again.
We might not have 4 seasons, like most of countries and states but we sure get some surprises filled with gloomy, dark and rainy days once in a while and this weekend was definitely one of them.
Since my blog is called " Blog & The Life In Between ", i want to share some personal favorite places of mine as well as things i like doing so that you can get to know your blogger a little better as well. 

Malibu Rocky Oaks is a vineyard located in Malibu, CA. Every time i go to the wine tasting, it feels like heaven on earth. Some of you might recognize Malibu Rocky Oaks from magazines, since it has been named as one of the top wedding locations in USA. Or if you are a fan of Hangover movie, this MRO is where a part of the movie has been filmed. Scenery is absolutely beautiful. MRO is surrounded by nothing but mountains, vineyards and the most beautiful thing about the location is that the weather conditions make it look different every time. On the clear days in the summer you can even see the ocean. Malibu Rocky Oaks wine is also very delicious, check out their website and get your bottle! 

I could not resist this chocolate. It was made by the same company that makes desert tables for the Grammy's. Soooo delicious.. it literally melted in my mouth. And how creative is the MRO symbol ? 

H E A V E N    O N    E A R T H 

-xo, Sky Naite 

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