Low Key

Winter here in SO CAL went by so quickly. The weather has gone from low 50s to high 80s in a heart be at ! One week i was browsing around for sweaters and jackets, next thing i know before i purchase them the sun comes out !
I hope it stays this way, because lately all parts of the world have been having crazy weather changes. So every time the weather gets better, why not get a little excited and pull out the summer clothes ? You never know what next day will be like.

My kind of a "low key " outfit consists of a cute top, distressed shorts and comfortable shoes to run around in. Personally, the reason why i have not been a big fan of high waist shorts is because it is sooo difficult to find shorts that look flattering on a shorty like me. My favorite and only high waist pair of shorts is from American Eagle ! I do not recommend buying them online, you might find a better fit and a deal at a store itself.


Top, "Eden Sky" (similar on here)
Shorts "American Eagle"(similar on here )
Shoes "NIKE" 
Leather vest "Ci Sono, by Cavalini"(similar on here)
Hat F21 (similar on here)

Photos by Ben Lioe 

-xo, Sky Naite 

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