48 H R S I N S E O U L

After a 13 hour flight we(me & my loved one) have reached Seoul! Choosing an overnight flight was the best decision, it made it easy to adjust to time easy. We were staying at the W Walkerhill, a very beautiful hotel,however, if you are looking into staying there keep in mind it is a little bit isolated from everything and you will have to take a 10 minute taxi to get to the busy side of Seoul. Next on the list is Thailand, Maldives and Bangkok ! Stay updated.

Bongeunsa Temple

Namdaemun Market food has impressed me the most. All the food is traditional and made in front of your eyes. I wish i had brought my professional camera along to snap some photos around the market, because let me tell you the photos on the iphone do not do the justice ! The foods are so creatively made and not to mention it is being made in front of your eyes. So it not only looks yummy, but it taste delicious and is very fresh. 

Hot dog covered with french fries was definitely a must have.

Stopped by Hyatt to try what they are most known for, Afternoon Tea. Unlimited dessert table & sandwiches. Yes please ! The best part of the brunch is that you can chose from a few different options they have and you get unlimited amounts of little sandwiches and deserts. And those who know me well know that my sweet tooth is out of control !

Brunch with a view

Namsan Tower has a 360 view of Seoul and is known for all the couples coming here to lock their love  lock on their wall.

-xo Sky Naite 

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